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Window Open Promise Background

Window Open Promise Background

window-open-promise is a library to wrap the function in a promise, when successful means the window opened, when rejected means the window was blocked somehow. This is one of the first libraries I made in the NPM ecosystem.


I wanted to get into publishing libraries to NPM, and I thought of trying that by publishing a small library that did one thing right, and this was it.


I was working on a project that was using and we had to do that awkward null check to see if the window was opened or not, and I thought it would be nice to have a promise for that. So I abstracted that check into the library and made it into a promise. Later when async/await was added, it made it really easy to use and reason about.


I used in private projects, but it was also used by other people in the open source community. I realize that only when I started getting issues when I migrated to ESM 😅.