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Configs Background

Configs Background is a collection of configuration files that I use in all my projects. It is a way to keep all my projects consistent and to make it easier to start new projects, but also to update configurations across all of them at the same time.


Over the years I found myself copying and pasting configuration files from one project to another. This was a tedious process and I would often forget to set something, or maybe I would forget to update a configuration file in one of my projects. This would lead to inconsistencies across my projects and I would often have to go back and fix them. This includes linting, formatting, typing, and so on.

Initial this was part of create-package, but it made more sense to have be its own package.


I started by creating a repository and copying over the latest configurations of the project I was most confident in. Once I made all the configuration files available for consumption, I went into every project and updated the configuration files to point to the new repository, cleaning up other โ€œdev dependenciesโ€ in the process. This made prove to be a great move pretty quickly, because the shared configurations made some errors that I was having in some projects obvious.


Initially this package was a development dependency in all my projects, but now that they all live in a monorepo, this is only used at the top level of said mono-repo. That being said, I still use it as a separated dependency in some private projects.