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Getting started

About this site

Louโ€™s Code is the monorepo I created to use as the central hub for all my libraries, consolidating resources while streamlining development and maintaining a cohesive ecosystem of tools and components.

To make the documentation easy to consume for others, this site relies on combining the power of two open-source technologies:


It makes this site a reality using the power of Astro under the hood. Check it out here.


It generates markdown files from the inline documentation of each library. Check it out here.

I wish it was as easy as plug-and-play, but I had to write a bunch of custom logic for that combination to work. Nevertheless, the end result is one Iโ€™m quite happy with.

Youโ€™ll notice two main sections in the sidebar: Guides and Reference.


Guides has the background of each library, separated into 3 sections written manually by me:

  1. Why: My reasoning for creating that library.
  2. How: How did I do it (tech used, architecture, etc.).
  3. Where: Where I use that particular library.


Reference, on the other hand, has the auto-generated documentation of each library. Because itโ€™s auto-generated, I must say ๐Ÿ‰ here be dragons ๐Ÿ‰ mainly because the inline documentation in the libraries is meant to be used directly in your editor of choice.