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Constants Background

Constants Background is just a few common constants used across my projects.


I had a bunch of Object.create(null) and Object.freeze(Object.create(null)) for immutable empty objects only used for spreading. Also used {} sometimes, but the issue with it is that syntactically it becomes hard to read after a while, and having that on a constant make sense. Same for stuff like [] and "", where you canโ€™t tell if thatโ€™s accessing a property, or creating a new thing.

Long story short, is like the rule against โ€œmagic numbersโ€, but for empty objects, arrays and strings.


I started using create-package, and from there I just exported the constants I needed, removed tests because is just values, and then I just went to all the places where this values were duplicated and replaced them with the new constants.


Itโ€™s being used by pretty much all my libraries now.