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Create Package Background

Create Package Background is a scaffolding tool to create new packages with some basics I always have in my projects (configurations, dependencies and so on). It includes a small example util and test to get you started.

The name of the package is intentionally prepended with create so the create command of package managers such as pnpm can be used like this:

Terminal window
pnpm create


Every time I got started with a new project I basically copied the previous one, deleted all the code, changed all the names and started from there. This was tedious and error prone (often forgetting something). This package was born out of the need to automate this process. It initially included whatโ€™s now in configs.


Initially I used some libraries such as mem-fs-editor to create the necessary files, and copy templates, but nowadays I use node:fs/promises instead to reduce the amount of dependencies. I also use some of my own dependencies, like ansi and prompts.


I used this to create several of the latest libraries Iโ€™ve published, such as notify and diff. Iโ€™ve also used it at work to create some internal tools.